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Maternity Services

At Tree Top Hospital, we provide comprehensive and high standards of care every step of your exciting journey to parenthood – through antenatal, child birth and post natal.

Our Maternity Team

Our maternity services will provide care for you from the moment you find out that you are pregnant. While you’re pregnant you will have a nominated professional lead which will be a midwife or an obstetrician. Our aim is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of you and your baby, and that you have a positive pregnancy and birth experience.



The role of your midwife is to provide safe, evidence based care and support for you, your new baby and your partner.  They will be present throughout your labour providing care and performing regular observations on both you and your baby throughout the birth and assisting with the birth. They are also there to guide you in caring for your newborn baby and to provide post-natal care for you both.




Your obstetrician will be notified following your admission to hospital and will be notified immediately if there are any concerns regarding you or your baby. They will see you during your labour as needed and will assist you with decisions regarding pain management, provide you with information regarding your progress and the well-being of your baby.




Most obstetricians will arrange for one of our highly qualified paediatricians to meet you and your baby after birth, they will perform an initial examination of your baby and answer any questions you may have. They are available for further advice whilst you are in hospital, and will offer you a six-week review appointment at the end of the newborn period.

If you require a caesarean section birth a paediatrician will be present at your operation.



Neonatologists will be contacted for newborn babies that need specialized care. Our neonatologists treat babies who are born prematurely, experience respiratory problems at birth, or may require additional observation and/or treatment due to other complications.



The birth suite anaesthetist will be contacted if you request to have an epidural for pain relief during labour, and they will also manage your post operative pain if needed. If you are planning on, or require, a caesarean section, the anaesthetist will look after you during the procedure. This may involve using your epidural if you already have one, or giving you a spinal anaesthetic if you do not.

We offer a holistic care program for expectant mothers to prepare them for a healthy and positive pregnancy journey. The program includes 12 sessions and covers care in pregnancy, childbirth, nutrition and parenting. Each session is designed and facilitated by our experienced and skilled team of specialists. Partners and support people are encouraged to attend.

No. Session Facilitator
1Antenatal check-ups and managing common disorders of pregnancyMidwife
Antenatal exercisePhysiotherapist
2Nutrition and weight gain during pregnancyDietitian
Antenatal exercisePhysiotherapist
Preventing AnaemiaObstetrician
Antenatal exercisePhysiotherapist
4Preparing for delivery with tour of Labour WardMidwife and Obstetrician
Antenatal exercisePhysiotherapist
5Managing high-risk pregnancyObstetrician
Antenatal exercisePhysiotherapist
6Postnatal care for mother and newbornMidwife
Antenatal exercisePhysiotherapist
7Illnesses during pregnancy and recognizing danger signsObstetrician
Antenatal exercisePhysiotherapist
8Care of the newborn with baby bathing demonstrationMidwife and Paediatrician
Antenatal exercisePhysiotherapist
9Pain managementAnaesthetist
Antenatal exercisePhysiotherapist
10Vaccination and family planningMidwife
Becoming a father
Antenatal exercisePhysiotherapist
11Preparing for delivery with tour of Labour WardMidwife and Obstetrician
12Antenatal exercisePhysiotherapist

Terms and conditions

  • Sessions will be held on Sundays and Thursdays
  • You are required to consultant with our Obstetrics and Gynaecology specialist to assess your condition and help you choose the most suitable session for you.
  • You are required to choose minimum 3 sessions to register
  • Charges per session will apply and is non-refundable.
  • Delivery Packages                                                           We offer packages for different types of deliveries to enable you to develop your own birthing plan.
    • Normal Delivery Package

    Normal delivery without complications, no medical illness.

    2 Inpatient days


    • Elective Cesarean Section Package

    Elective cesarean section delivery without complications, no medical illness

    3 Inpatient days



    All packages include

    • Admission in superior twin room with meals for the mother.
    • Delivery procedure by an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist / Midwife.
    • Maternal admission services, routine fetal monitoring and nursing care.
    • Standard medications used during delivery.
    • Routine medical and surgical equipment and supplies used for delivery in the labour ward/operating room.


    Packages does not include

    • Take-home medications or personal expenses
    • Treatment of complications
    • Extended stay
    • Additional procedure(s) in the same admission


    Terms and conditions

    • Packages may not be suitable for all women, based on the current health conditions of the mother and/or child.
    • A deposit of the package amount is applicable at the time of admission.
    • Prices are introductory prices and is subjected to periodic review.


Admission for Labour and Birth


For most women, labour begins naturally between 38 and 42 weeks. There are certain signs to check for if you think you may be in labour:

  • Start having regular contractions
  • Water breaking
  • A show, this is a jelly like discharge and can happen as early as a week before labour


When you arrive at hospital, you will be guided to labour ward where your condition will be assessed by a Midwife or an Obstetrician.


Learn more at our Labour Ward page.



After your baby is born, we offer a wide range of inpatient suites and rooms to choose from to complete your recovery comfortably. We encourage mothers and babies to room in together. This helps you to build confidence in caring for your baby with the support of our midwives.

If you and your baby are well following delivery you will be discharged home after 24 – 48 hours. Some women requiring a caesarean section usually require a longer stay.

If your baby is unwell and requires admission to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), we actively encourage you to visit and stay with your baby. If you are fit to go home however, you will not be treated as an inpatient, but as a carer for your baby.



 Visiting Hours


We welcome family and friends, as they play an important role in the recovery process. However, visiting times are restricted as we know that new parents need time together to get to know their new baby.

We advise to have one person responsible for managing when people come to see you and your baby. We ask that you limit the number of visitors at any one time to two or three people. Visitors may be asked to wait if it is not a convenient time to visit when they arrive.

Please do not to bring any babies or children to the hospital unless they are brothers or sisters of the new baby as newborn babies are vulnerable to infection. If any of your visitors is unwell, please ask them to delay their visit.

Please ensure you and those visiting you observe hand hygiene measures when entering and leaving the Inpatient Unit by using the hand hygiene gel that is provided in these areas. This is to protect you and the new mothers and babies from some infections.