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Labour Ward at Tree Top Hospital is dedicated for women who requires specialist care from midwifes and obstetricians during the course of their labour.

We provide comprehensive, high quality, obstetrician-led care, supported by experts in midwifery, nursing, anesthesiology, paediatrics and physiotherapy. Our onsite emergency, intensive care and advanced diagnostic services provide extra peace of mind.

Our Labour Ward offers

  • 4 birthing rooms with access to ensuite bathroom facilities.
  • An observation room for closer monitoring if you have experienced any complications during the birthing or if you have had a caesarean section.
  • One to one midwifery care.
  • Direct access to Obstetric specialists if your labour becomes complicated.
  • Direct access to Anaesthetists, who will help you to choose the appropriate pain relief in labour.
  • Direct access to Neonatologists, who are specialists in the care of newborn babies.
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) if your baby requires any specialist help after birth.
  • Access to an adult intensive care unit in case you require specialist help around the time of your baby’s birth.
  • One nominated labour partner can be present throughout labour.

Pain Relief

  • Epidural Anaesthesia

Epidural anaesthesia is regional anesthesia that blocks pain in a particular region of the body. The goal of an epidural is to provide pain relief, rather than complete anesthesia, which is total lack of feeling. Epidurals block the nerve impulses from the lower spinal segments resulting in decreased sensation in the lower half of the body.


As epidural anaesthesia relieves the discomfort of childbirth, it can help you and your partner have a more positive birth experience. Most of the time an epidural will allow you to remain alert and be an active participant in your birth. If you deliver by cesarean, an epidural will allow you to stay awake and also provide effective pain relief during recovery.


  • TAP Block

This is an ultrasound guided procedure where local anesthetic is injected on the sides of your abdomen after cesarean section to relieve pain.



Caesarean sections

During your pregnancy your doctor may advise you to have a caesarean section, either due to the baby’s position or a condition you have which may prevent you from having a vaginal birth. You may also need to have a caesarean section whilst you are in labour. This may be as a result of your baby becoming distressed or another emergency.

Tree Top Hospital have a team of highly trained midwives and specialists working to ensure we deliver you a high standard of maternity care.

Transfer from Labour Ward

Partners are encouraged to be present while you are in labour. Instead of your partner, another support person may be present in the birthing room if you wish. Family members are welcome to use our cafeteria on the first floor of Tree Top Residences or they can visit our café in the hospital reception area for refreshments while they wait.

Transfer from Labour Ward depends on you and your baby – for women who have had an uncomplicated birth, transfer usually occurs within two hours. More complicated births such as caesarean section births usually require a longer stay.