Guest Services

Tree Top Hospital supports the rights of all guests and expects its staff and physicians to observe and protect these rights as a part of their care.


  • You will be treated with dignity and respect
  • We will seek your consent where possible before a procedure is carried out
  • You can seek a second medical opinion.
  • You are entitled to confidentiality and privacy of your treatment and medical records.
  • You will be fully informed about your medical condition, planned treatment, expected outcome and expected cost where appropriate, in a way that enables you to make informed decisions.
  • You can accept or refuse medical care or recommended treatments to the full extent permitted by the law. You shall therefore accept responsibility for any medical consequences that result from your decisions.
  • You will receive care in a conducive environment.
  • You can receive a copy of your medical report upon request.



As a guest, you have a responsibility to:

  • Be actively involved in caring for your own health.
  • Disclose full and accurate information about your health.
  • Ask questions to better understand your care
  • Treat our hospital staff, doctors, other guests and visitors with courtesy and respect.
  • Abide by all hospital rules and regulations.
  • Treat hospital properties and facilities with due care and responsibility.
  • Keep your valuables and personal belongings safe while in hospital.
  • Settle your bills promptly within the required timeframe, and contact us with any problems as soon as they arise.

When it comes to making an appointment at Tree Top Hospital, you have the following options. Please have your national identity number (locals), work permit number or passport number (non-locals) and Insurance information to help you complete the scheduling process.


Preparing for admission

We believe the more you know about your condition, the more likely you are to take an active role in your own care and recovery, so we strive to involve and educate you and your family throughout your hospital stay. It is important that you follow any special instructions you have been given regarding your procedure to be performed, particularly any fasting guidelines prior to admission.


What to bring

Some important things you should remember to bring with you:

  • Your identity card
  • Medical insurance card (if you are covered by insurance)
  • Past or present medical records, X-ray films or prior test results (if you are referred by an external physician)


We provide you with a hospital gown, bath towel and linen pack. However, for your own added comfort, you are encouraged to bring the following:

  • Spare clothing
  • Floor slippers
  • Toiletries
  • Grooming aids
  • Eyeglasses, contact lenses and dentures with its protective casing, reading and writing materials.


Do not bring large sums of money, jewelry and electronics such as laptops, iPad, etc. For safety reasons, valuables should not be kept in your possession while in the hospital. Tree Top Hospital will not be held liable for any loss of personal valuables and possessions.


Finance and Insurance


Upon confirmation of admission, please verify the estimated cost of your hospitalization with your doctor, your insurer and the hospital in order to be able to manage your medical bills better. We want to make it as simple as possible for you to manage the costs of your hospitalization and our Admission and Discharge Office will help you to understand the billing process and prepare you in advance for your payment.


Before admission, we recommend that you examine the coverage provided by your health insurance company and that you know whether you have met all the necessary requirements. If you are planning to be admitted using your health insurance, kindly ensure that you bring along the medical card. Tree Top Hospital will be guided by your Insurance Policy in regards to use of certain items during your stay (or recommended for your recovery following discharge). Our Admission and Discharge Office representatives are available to discuss any concerns you or your family may have regarding your insurance plan or other financial issues

related to your hospital care.


Admission process

  • Kindly present Letter of Admission together with your National Identification Card or Passport (applicable to International guests) at Admission and Discharge Office, and our representative will assist to you.
  • Kindly indicate your eligibility or preference on the room type and method of payment (cash, credit card or insurance).
  • Business Office representative will advise on the minimum deposit that needs to be paid based on the medical services / treatment plan ordered for you by your treating doctor.
  • If you are covered by insurance, kindly provide us with the Guarantee Letter and Insurance Card for verification. Depending on your insurance type, you may need to make a copayment prior to admission.
  • A deposit will be collected if the approval is pending or if the Insurance company has declined coverage. All decisions by the insurance company are final and any appeal is to be made directly to the insurance company concerned.
  • We accept deposits made in cash, debit card and major credit cards. Deposits can also be covered by guarantee letters issued by companies which have established credit facilities with us. Please note that additional deposits will be required when your overall expenses exceed the initial deposit amount paid.
  • For cash paying guests, if the deposit is greater than the actual expenses incurred you will receive a refund on discharge. However, in the event that the deposit is insufficient to cover the incurred charges, you will be required to make additional payment.
  • Once your room is available, you will be escorted to your assigned room.
  • You will be given a guest ID band with your name and Patients Record Number (PRN) upon admission. Remember to check if all the information printed on your ID band is correct. If there is any error, please advise our staff immediately.


Inpatient Stay

Upon admission to the hospital, our nurse will welcome you and escort you to your room. The nurse will give you a short orientation, introduction to your room and ward setup and use of call bell and other devices in your room. The nurse will check your vital signs i.e. temperature, pulse, respiration blood pressure and pain score which is to be reported to your treating doctor.

We shall make our best effort to provide you with the type of room you desire or are entitled to, however, based on availability you will be offered an alternative. Be assured however that when your preferred room is available, we will inform you accordingly, and you will be transferred as soon and whenever possible.


Please visit Inpatient Rooms and Suites for more information.


Guest ID Band

When you’re admitted to hospital, we will give you a Guest ID Band with your name, date of birth and medical record number. This Guest ID Band must be worn at all times during your hospitalization. Health care providers will always check your Guest ID Band before giving you any medicine or performing any test or procedure. In some cases, they may ask for your name and date of birth. Kindly bear with us when your identity is verified often—it’s for your own safety.


For surgical procedures, you should always confirm which procedure you are to undergo and where on the body it will take place. The area of your procedure should always be marked prior to surgery (when possible). Kindly take note that your Guest ID Band is waterproof and there is no need to remove it during your shower. Your Guest ID Band is extremely important for your care and safety and please wear it at all times.


Understanding your medications

While you are admitted, your medicines may change as part of your care plan. During your first day in the hospital, you will be asked about the medicines you take at home. Kindly make sure you tell us about all prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs, vitamins and herbal supplements that you are taking. We need to know about any allergies or bad reactions you may have to medicines, foods or supplements.


You play a vital role in making your health care safe by being an active, involved and informed member of your health care team. Get enough information about the medicine, keep the medicines always in a safe place, and take your medicines at regular timings as prescribed by the doctor.


Your privacy while in our care

We are committed to protect your medical information. All healthcare professionals, trainees, staff and contractors are instructed by policy and contract to uphold confidentiality of all guest information.


Visitor information

Tree Top Hospital welcomes and encourages family and friends to visit patients. In fact, we believe that spending time with loved ones is a powerful part of the healing process.

For the safety of our patients, their caregivers and visitors, we ask you to limit visits to the hours specified below.

Please visit For Visitors page for more information



Your treating doctor will let you know when you can be discharged and order for your discharge will be written by your treating doctor. An Admission and Discharge Office executive in conjunction with nursing will contact you prior to your discharge regarding account settlement.

The final bill will be ready approximately about 2-3 hours from the time discharge process is initiated and the estimated time of discharge will be conveyed by the doctor to the guest. Please keep in mind it may take longer to obtain approval from your insurer/ Third Party Administrators (TPA).

Kindly let us know if you need any assistance to go to the Admission and Discharge Office, and we will be happy to assist you. Your hospital bill will comprise of professional consultation fees, cost of any medical or surgical procedures performed, medications, equipment rental, room charges and any other related or incidental services. A summary bill will be given to you before payment is made.


Advice after Discharge

Kindly follow the discharge advice properly after discharge. As per your doctor’s instructions, you may be required to return for IV antibiotics, cleaning and dressings/ suture removal, etc. which requires payment at the registration counter prior to the procedure.


At the time of your discharge, the nurse will provide you with post discharge care instructions, will let you know if there are any pending reports or test results and you will be asked to come for your follow-up to review them with your doctor. You will be given the details of your follow up appointment and take home medications.


Feedback on our services

We welcome your feedback! Upon discharge, kindly take a few minutes to complete the guest feedback survey in the tablet provided to you by Executive Guest Service.


These surveys help us to ensure that we’re delivering the best possible guest and family-centered care. If you have any compliments or complaints on our services, you may call our Guest Services team at 3351610 or email us at [email protected].

The Medical Records Department maintains the healthcare data and records generated by guest services at Tree Top Hospital. The department is committed to providing accurate and timely communication of that information to authorized requestors. Copies of medical records can be requested with appropriate guest authorization free of charge.

Upon request and completion of authorization, we will upload required copies of your medical records to your guest portal account for you to view and download.

Release of information

Only the guest has the right to request the release of his records. The guest him/herself can authorize the hospital to release his records to himself, to his representative or to other parties by signing the release form attached accompanied by a valid ID copy.

In case the Guest is deceased, only family members and relatives can inquire or request about deceased guest records by following the same procedure. They are also the only authorized to release deceased records to other parties such as the insurance and government agencies.


Contact the Tree Top Hospital Medical Record Department

Our office is open Sunday through Thursday 08:30 am to 05:00 pm, closed weekends and public holidays.

Medical Records Department – Tree Top Hospital

Lot 10608, Dhumburi Magu,

Hulhumale’ 23000

Republic of Maldives


Tel: +960 3351610

Email: [email protected]

Knowing your insurance policy is important for you to receive the maximum benefits for your healthcare services. Your benefit coverage level for care provided by Tree Top Hospital is determined solely by your insurance. For more information about your insurance coverage, please contact your insurance company.


Insurance accepted at TTH


Aasandha Company Ltd.

Fen Building, 3rd Floor,

Ameenee Magu, Malé,


+960 301-1400

Hotline: 1400


Solarelle Insurance Pvt. Ltd.

ADK Tower, 1st Floor,

Ameeeru Ahmed Magu, Male’,


+960 3300099

Hotline: 1413


Amãna Takaful (Maldives) PLC

H.Mialani, 3rd Floor,

Sosun Magu, Male’,


+960 3315262


Allied Insurance Company of the Maldives Pvt. Ltd.


Ameer Ahmed Magu, Male’,


+960 330 0033

Hotline: 1600


Alliance International Medical Services (PTY) Ltd.

AIMS House, 3 West Street

Bryanston 2191, JHB

South Africa

+0027 (0) 11 783 0135


Roy Medical Assistance (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.

PO BOX 110047 C1/98,

New Delhi, India

+91 98 7187 7260


Paramount Healthcare Management Pvt. Ltd.

401 – 402, Sumer Plaza,

Marol Maroshi Road, Marol, Andheri (East)

Mumbai 400 059, India

+91 22 40004219/216


Asia Rescue and Medical Services Pvt. Ltd.

Paramount Tower – Level 2, No: 192/10 
9th Lane, Nawala Road,

Nawala 10250, Srilanka

+94 767688111


Northcott Global Solutions (NGS) Ltd.

22 Bevis Marks, London

EC3A, 7JB, United Kingdom

+44 207 183 8910


Euro-Center (Thailand) Co.Ltd.

Evergreen Place, 10th Floor

318 Phayathai Road, Ratchathevi

10400 Bangkok, Thailand

+66 (0)26 96 36 26 /-27



Aetna Global Benefits (Asia Pacific) Ltd.

Suite 401-403, Berkshire House

25 Westlands Road

Quarry Bay, Hong Kong




AA international Hub SDN BHD (AXA Assistance Group)

AA One, No. 1, Block N, Jaya One

72A, Jalan Universiti

46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor D.E.


+603 7628 3888


CIGNA International Corporation (CIGNA Global Health Services)

Cigna Worldwide Life Insurance Company Ltd,

Cigna Global Health Options, Customer Service,

15/F, 28 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

+44 (0)1475 788182


Asia Medical Assistance Co.Ltd (AMA Global Assistance)

AMA Global Assistance

DLF City-II, M.G. Road,

Gurgaon – 122002





At Tree Top Hospital, we work with each guest to handle financial arrangements before, during and after any procedure or visit.

Payment Options

Tree Top Hospital accepts Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Diners, Chinese Union Pay (CUP), JCB and American express. Guests can also settle payments in cash; Maldivian Rufiyya (MVR) and US dollars (USD).

Billing Inquiries or Disputes

Please contact us if you would like to inquire about or dispute your bill; call 3351610