The Dialysis Unit at Tree Top Hospital is designed, equipped and staffed to provide you the best dialysis treatment with best possible therapeutic outcome.

At full capacity, the unit can up to 60 guests per week. We are supported by our experienced physicians and staff; the skilled, dedicated members of our interdisciplinary team providing direct care to you.

Our Dialysis Care Team

Our dialysis care team consists of healthcare professionals who specialize in the care and support of dialysis guests.



Our Nephrologists are experienced clinicians who have special training in treating kidney disease, and are responsible for your care during dialysis treatments. They also have experience in HDF and all aspects of renal care.


Nephrology Nurses

Our licensed nurses are specialized in the care of guests with kidney failure. They are responsible for checking dialysis guests, making sure that medications and treatments are given correctly and directing the dialysis process on a daily basis.


Bio Medical Technicians

Biomedical technicians help maintain dialysis machines and water quality in dialysis centers. They work under the guidance of the nephrology nurse or nephrologist.


Vascular Access Surgeon

The vascular access surgeon will do surgery on your arm, leg, neck or upper chest to make an access for your dialysis.

High-Volume Online Hemodiafiltration

Tree Top Hospital is proud to offer state-of-the-art High-Volume Online Hemodiafiltration (HDF) at our Dialysis Unit.


High-Volume Online HDF treatment is an advanced dialysis treatment that combines the process of dialysis and filtration. The HDF treatment utilises ultra pure water, which is purified through an advanced double reverse osmosis technology. High-Volume Online HDF treatment is widely recognized as being more effective when compared to conventional haemodialysis treatment.


Our treatment room comes equipped with a Body Composition Monitor (BCM) to determine degree of hydration and, lean and fat tissue. This allows better individualized advice on diet and help to obtain the correct weight that is normal for that person.


Treatments will be supervised by our trained dialysis nurses and experienced Consultant Nephrologists. Individual response the HDF treatment will be monitored every month through regular laboratory tests. Regular monitoring also enables the correction of the anemia, metabolic and other problems that usually accompany kidney disease.

Our Dialysis Unit offers

  • 8 individualised stations with recliner chairs for privacy and comfort.
  • 2 isolation units with dedicated nurses.
  • State-of-the-art High-Volume Online Haemodiafiltraion machines.
  • Advanced double reverse osmosis water treatment and delivery systems.
  • Supervision by our experienced and highly skilled Nephrology consultants.
  • Assisted by our nurses who are trained in providing renal nursing care.
  • An overhead TV fitted with a remote control handset and head phones available for each unit.
  • Wireless internet for guest and visitor upon request.
  • Complimentary light snack as approved by our Dietitians.
  • Aasandha coverage.