Tree Top Hospital About Us

Tree Top Hospital is the first investment by Tree Top Health Pvt Ltd, a multi-disciplinary specialised tertiary care hospital with a capacity of 210 beds and over 30 specialty centers.

Founded in June 2015 by pioneers of the world renowned Maldives Tourism Industry, we aspire to transform the healthcare industry in the Maldives in terms of service quality and design. At Tree Top Hospital, our patients are regarded as Guests and will indulge in the Maldives hospitality experience while being able to undergo complex medical procedures, reliably in their home environment and in the presence of their families and loved ones.

We offer a wide spectrum of specialized health and medical services, ranging from health screening centers leading to high-end medical and surgical procedures and services supported by state-of-the-art technology. Our diverse team of specialised multinational doctors bring in knowledge, skills and expertise from over 30 different countries, providing excellence in care that you can rely on.

The aim of the investment is to elevate the level of healthcare service in the Maldives, to match service levels with that of reputed hospitals in the region. We strive to provide access to quality healthcare services not catered for in the Maldives, to both locals and visitors alike, through continuous development and ensuring patient rights, safety and quality of our services.

Vision and Mission



To be the leading healthcare provider in the Maldives by delivering international healthcare standards and high quality outcomes to our customers as well as ensuring sustainability of our organization.




  • Customer focused, preventive, diagnostic and curative healthcare services that deliver superior outcomes and touch all individuals.
  • Promote, improve and sustain excellent integrated healthcare services where trust and ethical behavior are integral to the delivery of care.
  • Quality training and development that nurtures competent and compassionate healthcare personnel.

Quality and Safety Standards

In the face of dynamic healthcare environment, achieving and maintaining the highest quality and safety standards remains the top priority with personnel and processes focused on safe and reliable care.


Tree Top Hospital is committed to delivering quality guest care and managing risks, our hospital is also focused on continuous improvements to ensure that our services are as safe as possible by minimizing risks at all times.


Tree Top Hospital has a ‘strong culture of safety and quality’ and this is reflected in our approach:

  • Creating safe environments and systems of work for our staff
  • Reviewing and improving on a continuous basis the performance of our guest safety and quality systems.
  • Assisting our healthcare professionals to monitor the safety and quality of care they provide.
  • Ensuring accountability for the safety and quality of care at all levels of our organisation.

Contact Us

Tree Top Hospital

Lot 10608, Dhumburi Magu

Hulhumale’, 23000,

Republic of Maldives.

Telephone: +960 3351610

Email: [email protected]


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